Indonesian Catering

The real Indonesian cuisine is close by

Do you have a family party, birthday, anniversary or something to celebrate in your business? We offer our catering service to both individuals and companies. We bring the exotic and real Indonesian cuisine close by: at home or at your business location.


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As a caterer, we at Anak Blitar are at home in all markets. With us you can go for business catering, party catering or home catering.

Our offer varies from simple warm buffets to extensive Indonesian rice tables on location.

Are you ordering a buffet for more than 35 persons? Then one of our employees in Indonesian costume comes to serve the meals.

Upon request, we will provide the decoration of your buffet with batik cloths, cutlery and wicker basketyous at a small additional cost.
This way you will experience our authentic Indonesian cuisine even more.

Price changes reserved.
The basic, vegetable and meat dishes you can choose from can be found on the menu.